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Facts You Should Know About Donor Sperm

Facts You Should Know About Donor Sperm

donor spermInfertility, for whatever reason, can prevent a couple from conceiving. If this is your case, you may one day find yourself considering buying donor sperm. It could be that your husband suffers from male infertility. You could be single woman who wants to have a baby without having a partner. Or you and your partner are both females and one of you wants to get pregnant.

In this informative article published in, you will understand what sperm donation is and how to choose donor sperm.



Choosing A Donor

Couples and individuals wishing to use a sperm donor can either ask a friend or relative to donate sperm or they can purchase sperm from an anonymous donor in a sperm bank. Regardless of which method you decide on, it is strongly recommended that all people involved in the sperm donation process undergo psychological counseling. Being a donor to a friend or using a sperm donor in order to conceive can raise many questions and issues. It is important to deal with these concerns before proceeding with any fertility treatment.

Many online sites allow you to search for a sperm donor according to ethnicity, physique, height, and other features. However, the most important question in terms of getting pregnant is whether the donor can make the recipient conceive successfully with his sperm.


Donors Are Screened

All sperm donors must undergo rigorous medical testing to ensure the health of their sperm. Donors are screened at the time of their donation for numerous infectious and genetic diseases including HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and hepatitis B. Sperm is then frozen and put in quarantine for six months. After the quarantine period, the sperm is then evaluated again for many of the infectious diseases it was originally tested for. This is done because some diseases may take as much as six months before appearing in test results.

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