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Unusual Facts About Sperm You May Not Know About

Unusual Facts About Sperm You May Not Know About

1.  Sperm have no sense of direction.  After they are ejaculated, only one out of five sperm head for the right direction. The rest swim every which way even though the egg produces chemical signposts to guide them to the right path. What’s more, sperm can’t move backwards.

2. Heat lowers sperm count. The temperature in the scrotal area can affect sperm production. If you want to produce more sperm, fertility experts recommend not wearing thick underwear or tight shorts. Even something as commonplace as placing a laptop on your lap can affect your sperm count.

3. There is about one-half to one teaspoon of semen in every male ejaculation. While this may appear like a small amount, it includes around 200 million sperm cells. This amount constitutes only 5% of the fluid secreted during male ejaculation.

4. The sperm count in a man tends to be higher in the earlier part of the day.

5. Because sperm only contains 23 chromosomes and become active at the age of puberty when a man develops tolerance to certain diseases, sperm are categorized as “germs” by the body’s immune  system. Because of this, the testicles are protected by a blood-testis barrier which prevents the immune system from  attacking the sperm.

6. Lubricants have their downsides. They slow down or even completely halt the movement of sperm. The mucus in a woman’s cervix aids in sperm mobility, while over-the-counter lubricants tend to slow them down.

7. Sperm health is affected by age. By age 35, a man’s sperm losses quality and quantity. Laboratory findings reveal that a man’s immune system cannot dispose of damaged sperm as efficiently than when he was younger. Research also reveal that men over 35 have defective sperm with even more defective DNA.

8. The XY chromosome pair is a chromosome pair that does not behave like other chromosome pairs. The X chromosome has more genes and is longer than the Y chromosome. Men tend to develop more mutated genes connected to the XY chromosome pair due to the absence of a conflicting gene to fix a genetic mutation or show dominance.

9. The sperm has an incredible life span. Sperm that has been released inside the vagina can sperm in epididymissurvive for 3 to 5 days in mucous secretion of the cervix or on the upper genital tract. Sperm that has been ejaculated outside of the female body can live for only a few hours. Sperm can be kept intact in a preserved condition if kept in low temperatures, or even years in a frozen state.

10. Sperm are produced in a man’s testicles and reach maturity in ten weeks. They can remain in the epididymis in each testicle for a couple of weeks, after which they break down and gets reabsorbed by the body.

11. Sperm determines your baby’s gender. The female eggs carry the X chromosome, while the male sperm has either the X or Y chromosome. If an X chromosome-carrying sperm fertilizes an egg, a female baby will be produced. Id the sperm fertilizes an egg with a Y chromosome, a male baby will be produced.

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